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In the early part of my political career, a friend called and had an idea he was working on, he wanted to rename the RDU airport to Wilber and Orville Wright so that all baggage tags have WOW on them.  Thinking that the advertisement for our area would be “WOW, this is the place to be.”John Odom Commissioner

Needless to say RDU is still RDU but as I look around Raleigh and Wake County, all I can think about is “WOW,” look what we have done.  This is truly one of the best places in the world to work, play and live.

I have been very fortunate to be a part of this growth for the last 45 years, serving on the Raleigh City Council for 14 years, served as mayor pro tem or deputy mayor with  the last 3 mayors and chaired or worked on all city committees.  One of my goals when I first started was to assure that when my children were grown, they would have the opportunity to stay in this area and live their lives, grow their families and have the best that a community can offer. Both of my children are grown and reside with their families in Wake County, the best county in America.

As we move forward it is important to maintain what we have plus to continue to grow in a fair and balanced way.  Having lived in Raleigh 45 years, from the beginning as a small business owner, I have been active in my community working in my church, Civitan Club, coaching little league baseball and basketball- both boy and girls, are just a few ways I’ve been connected to our community.  Serving as Director of Greater Raleigh Merchants Association and working to help start Shop Local Raleigh led me to politics.

As I look at the city I continue to say WOW and my children live, work and play in the area.  I have 5 grandchildren.  Of the 5 two are in the public school system, one is in a charter school and one in a virtual school.  And the last but not least starts pre-kindergarden this year.  I have been fortunate to be married to Linda for 45 years and if I have been successful in Raleigh or Wake County she is a major reason.
When I am elected I look forward to serving the people of Wake County so that they too can say WOW in future years.
Your friend,

John H. Odom

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